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What is Athapoo ?

Athapoo : is associated with Onam festival, Onam festival is in the first month of Malayalam calendar Chingam. The month usually start with Parsi new year on August 17th and the 10 day festival start with Atham or hastha nakshratra and the tenth day is Onam or Thiruonam or Shraavan(Shra-onam) festival.

Since the flower decoration starting on Atham nakshatra it's known as Athapoo.

This name could be used for:

1) Shopping / Online Store.
2) Branding / New Brand.
3) Social Network.
4) Technology ideas like Application, Website, Device.. etc

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Athapoo : is a very popular name , It is a great deal and a huge asset to be added to your business.


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